Monday, 22 July 2013

Project Distressing Jeans

I really wanted a pair of comfy, faded jeans with a good fit that maybe had a bit of something something to make them a little interesting.
These babies would be my
                                          holy grail
                                                     my go-to pair
                                                                     the Adonis of jeans!
                                                                                              Cue angelic choir

You could definitely try the local op shop but the ones near where I live charge quite a bit and generally don’t have anything I’m interested in. But I ended up finding a pair of quite dark, plain jeans at Kmart for 7 clams. What a bargain. They were a pretty darn good fit too. Plus $7.oo that’s kind of insane. Generally it would be preferable to start with a lighter pair of jeans but use what works for you.

My next port of call was to hit up a couple o Pinterest boards to find some inspiration. I was flooded with ideas for embellishments and bleaching. The more I looked the more I found. Holy overwhelming Batman. You know how it is with pinterest and all, you can get very very distracted.

Then I did some general searches on the net for distressing techniques and checked out a few tutorials on ehow which turned out to be very informative with some just plain hilarious bits:

I should have realised that one would be humorous since the theme photo was some random guy on the floor, in the kitchen, next to the garbage disposal. He was wearing torn jeans though ^_^

With so many ways to destroy jeans I thought I would try them all and document them here. For an easy reference guide with some real world results.

Here are the different techniques I’m going to try:

·         Repetitive washing of the jeans with warm/hot water
·         Leaving on the line for a week (sun bleaching/weathering)
·         Tumble dry on high heat (expect some shrinkage)
·         Tumble dry with a tennis shoe (care of ehow)
·         Bleach wash
·         Bleach sections with sponge
·         Sandpaper
·         Cheese grater
·         Brick
·         Razor
·         Knife
·         Rolling down large grassy hills (just kidding, I don’t want grass stained jeans)

So there you have it folks, let’s see how this all pans out!


  1. Excited to see your results! I remember attacking a pair of jeans with a grater and when it didn't work fast enough I forked them up. Literally. I took a fork to them.


    1. I'm really wondering how the bleach will come out. But that's what I'm here for. Screwing things up so other people don't have to hah