Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nesting Projects - Little Geranium

If pregnancy was a long distance race I totally nailed it. I had my due date changed to a week later and then still almost made it to 42 weeks (groan). I finished work at 36 weeks and it was a hot hot summer, I was massive and daytime telly just ain't what it used to be. So I spent A LOT of time doing crafty projects and surfing blogs.

My sister pointed me in the direction of Made by Rae's Little Geranium Dress. There's a free pattern for 0-3 months and then you can also purchase the pattern from her blog for $10.

One look at the dress and I fell in love. This crazy montage flashed through my head of my baby girl in the dress, us frolicking around in the fields. Holding her in my arms. Sunshine. Flowers. Kittens... Yep.

So I printed out the pattern, hefted myself down to my local spotlight and found some super kawaii fabric and some little red buttons.

My sewing skills would definitely fit in the "beginner" region. I can nut out a pattern and knock something together but it generally takes me a while so I found Rae's tutorial really helpful. Especially those little progress shots, always in the nick of time.

Sewing montage ^_^

4 day old Ruby (Still in hospital)

It's such a great basic dress pattern and you can add little details like trims, contrast fabric or  my favourite, heart-shaped pockets to really make it unique. If you need some inspiration hop on Pinterest, this is such a popular little pattern that there's A LOT of different versions available for your viewing pleasure.

The dress still fits Ruby at 5 months - winner winner chicken dinner!


  1. The geranium dress is such a great pattern! Yours is super cute with that fabric! Makes me want to whip up another one :-)

    1. So fun to make ^_^ and they're so darn cute with little chubby legs hanging out the bottom!

  2. I've been in love with the geranium dress ever since I first saw it, but didn't get to do any so far.