Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bleach Boys- Jeans Update

Here's an actual progress update on how my jeans are going!

They were sad, lonely, jeans hanging on the line, pathetically getting cobwebs. Although that's kind of cool I thought I'd put them out of their misery and got crafting.

What you'll need:

Bleach - I used the cheapest one I could find at the store. Homebrand lemon scented!
Sink, bath or bucket
Something to measure the bleach/water with I used the bucket
Old spatula that you can turf afterwards


What I did:

I soaked the jeans in the sink to make sure that I got an even coverage with the bleach later.

Then I prepared my bleach and water solution. I used 5 litres o water and about 2 litres o bleach. I used an old spatula to push them down into the bleach until they were completely submerged. I also used the spatula to push the jeans around a bit, every 15ish minutes, so they got an even dose of bleachy goodness.

NB: So the disposable gloves I used were ones for dying my hair and were pretty much useless. Note to self: buy thicker gloves.

I bleached them for an hour, drained the excess bleach off and then put the jeans in the washing machine. After a quick wash I could see they were nowhere near light enough. Back into the bleach solution they went for a further hour. This time they looked much much lighter. Perfect!

Now remember my jeans were very dark when I started so if you're using lighter jeans or a stronger bleach mix I would keep checking their progress.
I stuck them back in the machine for a huge wash and put them out to dry on the line overnight.

Here's my jeans up until now. I thought I'd better take a few photos before I get much further. Oh no, we're not done yet... Not by a loooong shot!

I'm also wearing my husband's band shirt (they've since disbanded) To The Teeth. I think they still have a myspace somewhere. Anyway to grunge this shirt up a bit I diyed the back. It's a very simple no-sew technique that you can find all over the internet. It took me about 4.8 seconds and I even went so far as to use a safety pin to secure the top instead of stitching. My sis showed me how to do it many moons ago... On a bus... That was moving... That's how easy it is!

Also check out the foxy leopard print maternity bra my mother-in-law bought me. OOOOoo yeah!

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  1. Cool! Can't wait to see your plans for them!! Shirt looks super rad!! I don't remember teaching you how to do it but it sounds about right!!